Specialty Coatings and Sandblasting

A Pioneer in Poly-Based Coatings on Alaska’s North Slope


A well cellar, prepared and coated by CCI Industrial's coating specialists.

CCI Industrial is the pioneer and leader in poly-based coatings on the North Slope of Alaska. Proper surface preparation (cleaning, sandblasting, etc.) in advance of application is critical, and is another of CCI Industrials' core competencies.

Our succcessful performance history includes spraying polyurea and polyurethane foam on concrete, steel, floors, roofs, the interior and exterior of storage tanks, bed liners, and as secondary containment for bulk fuel farms and glycol tanks.

We own multiple production units; each unit includes a 40' tractor/trailer, 24' cube van, and skid mounted units for remote deployment. Coating crews regularly scale equipment and personnel to manage projects of any size.

CCI Industrial also utilizes the latest technology in surface preparation equipment. We perform conventional media blasting, closed circuit blasting with HEPA vacuum recovery, and HEPA filtered shot blasting for horizontal surfaces. Our personnel, equipment and techniques are focused and designed to minimize contamination and mitigate potential safety hazards.

Our experience also allows us to transition to any type of application, and our unique and effective techniques enable us to spray in most weather conditions.