CCI Industrial supports the "Vote No on 1" Coalition

Vote No on 1

Increased industry investment is good for production and jobs

Anchorage, July 11, 2014: CCI Industrial Services, LLC (“CCI Industrial”) understands that a healthy and competitive oil and gas industry is critical to our state's long term success.

Ben Schoffmann, CCI Industrial President and CEO, says, "Most of our employees and their families live here in Alaska - this is our home. We need to make sure this is a great place for the current as well as future generations. The investments made and committed to by the industry since the reform of ACES have truly been amazing to witness. They are creating jobs and leading directly to new production.

"We have to maintain that momentum - we cannot afford to go back. We have ample history to show that ACES was stifling investment, production and jobs. Those much needed investments went to other development opportunities and geographic locales, in spite of our tremendous potential.

"Voting no on Ballot Measure 1 will help to ensure that Alaska makes up some of the ground we lost to the rest of the nation, and to other oil and gas producing countries. We must ensure that Alaska is a good place for companies to invest, hire and stay."

About CCI Industrial

CCI Industrial provides specialized services for facility and industrial infrastructure owners. For the past two decades the company has been at work on Alaska's North Slope providing asbestos and lead surveys and abatement, pipeline insulation removal and repair, tank and vessel cleaning, industrial coatings and sandblasting, fireproofing, hazardous waste removal, demolition, and operations, maintenance and construction support.