Client Focused, Safety Driven, Process Oriented


CCI Industrial is a reliable partner when you need to expand your operations.

Quality procedures at CCI Industrial are focused on meeting the strict requirements of our customers. Employees receive methodical instruction in client-prepared standard operating procedures; and managers devote careful attention to process control and production consistency.

Communication is critical to the success of any client-focused organization; but enhanced communication within our company is also vital to meeting our quality objectives.

Careful management of our customer relationships helps us to better understand and consistently meet our customers' expectations; and managers continually communicate to field personnel the importance of meeting customer requirements.

Every employee at CCI Industrial has a role in the efficient and effective implementation and improvement of quality programs. The company maintains a strict customer focus with management committed to creating unity of purpose amongst our workforce and maintaining an internal environment where employees are fully involved in achieving company objectives.

Customers can be assured that CCI Industrial's overall production and performance is driven by the permanent objective of continual improvement.