Providing Meaningful Leadership to our Vision for Safety


Everyone, on every job, goes home safely every day.

There is nothing at CCI Industrial Services, LLC that is more important than the health and safety of our employees. We acknowledge this truth in every action we take, beginning with the statement of our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Values:

  • Ensure everyone, on every job goes home safely every day
  • Ensure we comply with every regulatory, company and client-required policy
  • Be the contractor of choice through our passionate commitment to HSE leadership

An essential element of CCI Industrial's safety leadership and improvement focus is a commitment by managers and supervisors that sufficient time will be provided to monitoring safety practices and systems. CCI Industrial managers regularly review, discuss and act on information relative to the safety of our workforce.

Management provides active and visible support to safety; and demonstrates their personal commitment to safety through what they say and do.

CCI Industrial is fully committed to its critical objective of achieving incident-free operations. We know that we must create an organizational culture in which safety is a driving value. For this to occur, each and every employee at CCI Industrial must have a meaningful role in our efforts at attaining safety excellence.

This begins with a well-trained workforce with a full understanding of the tasks at hand; and armed with the knowledge that they have the complete authority to stop any job at any time if proceeding would place any employee or the environment at risk of harm.

We strive for a work environment where there is fairness in our decision making, we have strength in our working relationships, we are honest and consistent, employees' needs and concerns are addressed, and our teams work effectively. Through these actions we will create a safety climate that demonstrates the value of and priority for safety at CCI Industrial Services.


We are fully committed to our objective of achieving incident-free operations.

Respect for the Environment

We make every effort to ensure that our employees have the awareness, skills and knowledge to respect and protect the environment during all operational activities. Environmental awareness and action is everyone's responsibility, and it requires an equal commitment from management and employees.

CCI Industrial complies with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to the conduct of our business. Noncompliance with regulatory, client-driven or company environmental protection policies is never acceptable. We fully acknowledge that our shareholders, our customers, and our employees expect responsible environmental practices. The principles of environmental responsibility are fundamental to our continued growth and success.