Asbestos and Lead Surveys and Abatement

Preventing Exposure and Risk


A CCI Industrial asbestos abatement team at work

EPA-Certified Personnel

CCI Industrial provides qualified and certified asbestos and lead surveys and abatement services. Our EPA-certified personnel conduct comprehensive surveys and assessments, and provide baseline data necessary for developing the abatement project design. We work closely with customers and their technical and projects teams to develop work plans for removal, remediation, disposal, and as required, re-installation of suitable replacement materials and systems at your facilities.

We perform to the highest standards of work for hazardous material abatement. All workers deployed to your work site will be properly trained and certified. Certifications include the State of Alaska Certificate of Fitness for abatement work as well as respiratory fit test certifications.

Regulatory Compliance

CCI Industrial provides regulatory compliance with air quality monitoring and ventilation, and hazardous materials handling and disposal. We will also comply with your site-specific orientation and safety training requirements to ensure that all work is conducted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Logistical Coordination

CCI Industrial provides logistical coordination for the transport and disposal of demolition materials. All regulated work areas, remote contamination units, and protective equipment are managed and maintained to the highest standards.

NORM Surveys and Abatement

CCI Industrial is also prepared to provide identification and abatement of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). We will work with your teams and your circumstances to plan and implement the necessary work to detect, assess, remove and dispose of NORM contamination at your facilities and within your infrastructure.