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We will assist you in managing your Corrosion under Insulation Refurbishment.

Corrosion under Insulation Refurbishment

CCI Industrial works with a client's Integrity Management Group in support of corrosion mitigation efforts. We provide the manpower and expertise for refurbishing corrosion damage, which is always among the highest priorities of any industrial infrastructure owner.

CCI Industrial provides efficient management of the Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) program with a focused emphasis on scheduling and workforce deployment. We provide Refurbishment Coordinators, Scaffold Foremen and Technicians, Line Lift Foremen and Technicians, Insulation Foremen and Technicians, and Safety Coordinators to complete all scheduled refurbishments in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Project Managers work closely with your Cross Country Pipeline Coordinators to map and deploy to scaffolding locations. Very close attention is paid to inspection dates and identified inspection locations.

We work with your Operations & Maintenance leadership to tackle identified corrosion networks. Processes utilized prevent or minimize any damage to the external surface of pipes during the removal of galvanized jacketing. We remove insulation and adhesives and then remove any scale or rust from the pipe surface to smooth the edges of any corrosion networks.

We provide careful coordination of all activity with on-site inspection crews conducting their direct assessments. Once corrosion mitigation procedures are complete, we expedite re-insulation and wrapping of the pipe.

Our crews are expert in managing saddles on vertical support members with Linelift Crews utilizing jacks and trollies to carefully manage the pipe and saddle.

Employees receive methodical and comprehensive training in pipe stripping procedures and all processes carefully attend to the proper handling and disposal of decommissioned materials.