Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Remove Tenacious Grime While Minimizing Hazards


Chem Clear products are available in convenient 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

On the North Slope of Alaska, where the ecology is as fragile as the clean-up jobs are tough, there are two new cleaners as environmentally friendly as they are hard on grime. Designed by a leading environmental consulting firm, Chem Clear PowerClean™and PreWash™ are fast, safe and cost effective. CCI Industrial is the sole distributor of these products in Alaska.

PowerClean™, a multi-purpose cleaner with super solvency, works especially well on tenacious grime and baked-on petroleum on a variety of substrates. Specifically designed for oil field applications, PowerClean™ contains no chlorines, flourines or citrus components. It also has no alkalines or acids making it compatible with a broad range of metals and plastics.

PreWash™ is a highly concentrated blend of organic surfactants, specially formulated to "wash away" free hydrocarbons and to lower atmospheric hazard levels in crude oil vessels and tanks. PreWash™ is biodegradable and environmentally safe because it contains no phosphates and its components devolve into harmless chemical derivatives over time, and when in contact with air and water. When vessel shut-down time is limited, PreWash™ is especially effective while offering a benign alternative for industrial requirements. It works in hot or cold, fresh or sea water, and is stable (will not separate) in hard water, so it can be used in a variety of crude oil vessel cleaning applications or situations. Oil sludge clean-up is optimized with PreWash™ which is perfect for use on bilges, drilling rigs, production platforms and marine engine rooms.

Chem Clear Low/No Odor Mastic Removers™ are strong, safe, and cost effective mastic removers designed for the removal of petroleum based adhesives. These quality products have become the first choice of property owners and industry professionals where performance and odor are a concern.

Cleaning crews gain in efficiency and production because these eco-friendly alternatives to the more hazardous citrus-based cleaning agents reduce concerns about worker health and safety.

Available in economical 55-gallon drums and convenient, easy pour 5-gallon pails, these products get the job done without being corrosive.

Safety and performance are enhanced with the use of these products.

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