Oil Spill Response and Technical Support

Improving Response Effectiveness and Outcomes


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CCI Industrial Services provides a full suite of Oil Spill Response, Clean-Up and Decontamination Services.

Our clients understand the value of a dedicated oil spill recovery team. CCI Industrial will provide you an Incident Command System (ICS)-trained contractor workforce ready and able to respond to incidents at your facilities or infrastructure with a site-specific approach, working closely with your management team.

CCI Industrial's core oil spill response and mitigation competencies include:

  • Short-notice response teams (both land-based and marine)
  • On-scene coordination
  • Safety specialists with hazardous materials focus
  • Decontamination of tanks and marine vessels
  • Equipment and marine operators with full crew support
  • Response curriculum development
  • Site specific training delivery
  • Oil spill response drills
  • Contingency plan assessments and development
  • Oil spill logistics management
  • Waste removal and transport
  • Biodegradable cleaning solutions

CCI Industrial’s HAZWOPER crews can be quickly deployed when pristine beaches are soiled.

Short-Notice Response Teams

CCI Industrial provides personnel ready and able to respond to oil and other spills, large or small, at facilities or varied infrastructure.

We maintain a database of HAZWOPER certified (24-hour and 40-hour) personnel.

Team leaders with nearly thirty years experience will review your spill contingency plans, develop an understanding of your company culture of spill preparedness, assist you in developing scope of work requirements, and provide a proposal for a Master Services Agreement for oil spill response.

Upon contract award, CCI Industrial project managers will work with you to diligently understand your company rules and procedures with a careful regard for policy enforcement, contingency plan improvement and response preparedness.

Spill Response Curriculum Development and Training Delivery

CCI Industrial's Emergency Response Team Manager has been providing training in HAZWOPER, North Slope Training Cooperative (NSTC) and other oilfield related topics since 1991.

We ensure that personnel are properly and consistently trained in safety, procedures, and effective equipment utilization. Curriculum development is up-to-date and consistent with current regulatory requirements.

Training classes are modular, with 8-hour, 24-hour and 40-hour programs that are easily adaptable to your site specific requirements and scalable to ramp-up to meet increasingly demanding response scenarios.

Trainers maintain a pragmatic approach to their instruction methodologies, maximizing learning and subject matter retention.

Emergency responders will attain a complete understanding of their roles and responsibilities in response operations while maintaining safety and operational integrity.


Action planning will improve your preparedness and speed your response.

Contingency Planning and Plan Assessment

Our experts can assess and evaluate your existing Oil Spill Contingency Plan or assist in the development of a new one detailing equipment, personnel, time to respond, logistical operations, response coordination, regulatory requirements, training, response drills, reporting requirements and action planning.

Most importantly, we can assist you with understanding the immediate defensive actions that must be taken as soon as possible after an incident occurs. Action planning will also entail containment and recovery. A schedule for oil spill response drills and training will be developed, along with a recordkeeping system for retaining information regarding your spill preparedness efforts.

The success of any emergency response effort is determined by the effectiveness and quality of the contingency plan and the response organization; and by the experience and judgment of the response team.

Oil Spill Preparedness

CCI Industrial's emergency response personnel will provide leadership in all aspects of spill preparedness including planning for and conducting oil spill response drills.

Our philosophy is to keep it focused, clear and simple.

We develop response teams with definitive roles and responsibilities that eliminate confusion and guess-work when an incident occurs.

Exercises include equipment deployment drills, and all exercises will assist you in meeting the strict requirements of your approved contingency plans.

As a result of our preparedness program, you can be assured of disciplined on-site coordination and proficient clean-up personnel who are well trained.

Your contingency plan will be maintained as a fully operable and working document. Our Emergency Response Team (ERT) leaders will provide guidance in modifying your plan in light of information gained from field exercises.

Training programs are structured to the level of responsibility of the participants and will include: classroom instruction; drills to test notification, alert and mobilization procedures; and drills to practice containment measures and the use of general containment and clean-up equipment and techniques.


You need a qualified response team when disaster strikes. A vessel breaking apart at sea can bring horrid consequences.

Marine Vessel Decontamination

CCI Industrial Services personnel are experienced at marine vessel decon. Our teams establish the decon zone, the site-controlled personnel decon stations, and conduct all phases of vessel decontamination.

Decon activities have included the physical process of reducing and preventing the spread of oil contamination from people, marine vessels and equipment involved in oil spill response activities.

Our extensive experience with tank and pressure vessel cleaning provides us with the skills and expertise to effectively manage sludge and debris, or any other hazardous materials such as caustics or chemicals, and prepare them for disposal or transport to another location.