Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Effective Techniques and Skilled Operators


CCI Industrial will perform all tank cleaning required prior to maintenance and inspection activities.

CCI Industrial serves numerous industries, government agencies, municipalities and utility companies. Our performance history includes a broad spectrum of tank and vessel cleaning during maintenance and inspection, and during decommissioning and industrial renovation.

We clean fuel oil tanks of various sizes, from tanks in small commercial settings to those in large fuel storage terminals and process facilities.

As clients conduct preventive maintenance and scheduled inspections, CCI Industrial deploys crews to remove built-up sludge and debris and conduct cleaning operations in order to ensure the safest possible experience for inspection technicians and repair crews.

Tank waste including sludge and debris, or any other hazardous materials such as caustics or chemicals are prepared for safe disposal and/or transport to another location.

Tank and vessel cleaning is just one aspect of CCI Industrial's growing suite of environmental, energy and industrial services.

CCI Industrial has deployed crews to remote locations with challenging logistics. The company regularly tackles contracts which require extensive logistics planning and procurement, with materials and equipment either barged or flown to remote locations.

Performance evaluations of customers have judged our cooperation and responsiveness, management of resources and personnel, compliance with laws and regulations, adequacy and implementation of safety plans, adequacy of quality control planning, and submission of required documentation to be outstanding.